Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Forest Therapy Guide Training

ANFT has been training Forest Therapy Guides for over a decade. We developed the Standard Sequence, the Way of the Guide and the Language of Invitation. Our training continues to evolve, informed by our dedication to providing the highest standards of quality and excellence. We take training guides very seriously. 

Guiding a Forest therapy walk might look like a very simple job on the outside but there is so much more than what you see. It is about holding space, about having an attitude of radical hospitality and welcoming every story equally. It is about working in partnership with the forest and trusting what unfolds. It is about embodying the Way of the Guide and embodying presence.

This takes time. It is a process. That is why our training takes the time it takes. 

In this training you will learn all the skills and the techniques to guide a safe and successful walk and it is so much more than just that. It is a change in attitude, leaning into edges and opening up to new perspectives. 

Our Training is divided into two parts: 

Part 1 is a remote 6-month training.

Our training is cohort based, meaning that you go through the training as a group with two trainers and a group of maximum 25 people.. One of the highly appreciated and valued aspects of our training is the strong bond that is formed between participants. This is only possible when you share time and experiences together. 

Part 2 is a 4-day in-person immersion.

Experience the practice live and with other guides. Deepen your embodied understanding of the practice. Practice your guiding skills and find a Deep connection with fellow guides. 

Our Trainers are the most experienced trainers in the world, having trained hundreds of guides. They undergo a rigorous and extensive process to become part of our International Training Team. 

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