Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Relational Forest Therapy™ Course

Our approach to Forest Therapy is centered in Relationships.  

We call it Relational Forest Therapy™. It is based on the heart sense and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the More-than-Human World of Nature.

Forest Therapy has been recognized for its direct benefit to human health and  its ability to reduce stress while also boosting immune system function. 

Nature provides. The forest, the deserts, the beaches, oceans, rivers, swamps, lakes and all the other amazing places in this world, provide for us Food, energy, shelter, medicine, leisure time and beyond that, peace and relaxation.  

We don’t negate the many health benefits nature has for humans, that is undeniable for sure.  

But how about looking into ways to reciprocate with nature? If nature gives us so much, wouldn’t it be nice to give back?  

We don’t  see nature as a mere resource for our wellbeing. We deeply appreciate and acknowledge all the benefits we get and we also feel that it is time to find a way to remember and rediscover our very intimate and personal relationship with nature.

 We don’t want to live in the story of separation; we want to live in the story of connection and kinship, where we care for each other and thrive together.

That is what Relational Forest Therapy™ is all about.

And because we know the importance of reestablishing healthy relationships between all beings, we have developed a Special Relational Forest Therapy Course for all guides who have already been certified as Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy Guides with other Training organizations who feel that they are missing this essential piece and who are craving for being in right relationship with nature.

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