Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Way of The Guide


A deep dive into the theory and practice of the archetype of the guide–an essential archetype for our times


Besides being an immersion in forest therapy experience, this event includes an in-depth exploration of the Guide archetype. To be a guide is to embody unique ways of working in partnership with the-more-than-human world. The Guide archetype, which has always been present in human society, is now powerfully emerging in these times. Learn why this is so, and why Guides have an essential role in supporting healing processes. We will demonstrate and discuss how guides facilitate liminal journeys in which humans encounter mirrors of their souls, and deepen their memory of relatedness to all beings. The guide archetype does not work alone, but requires partnerships with other human archetypes such as mentor, healer, and teacher; as well as with process archetypes such as the Journey, and archetypes of place. In this immersion, we will define some of the key differences that distinguish these archetypes. With this understanding, our work as guides becomes more focused, clear, and powerful.

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