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Science Advisory Board

Why a Science and Medical Research Advisory Board?

Establishing a Science and Medical Research Advisory Board for Forest Therapy is crucial for ensuring the practice’s credibility. This board brings together top experts in various scientific disciplines and with different cultural backgrounds ensuring a greater perspective on the approaches and the practice of Forest Bathing.

Their collective knowledge helps bridge the gap between anecdotal evidence andrigorous scientific research, ensuring that forest therapy is evidence-based. A dedicated advisory board fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that forest therapy evolves in line with the latest scientific findings and remains a valuable tool in promoting holistic health for humans and the planet.

Moreover, a Science and Medical Research Advisory Board for forest therapy plays a pivotal role in spearheading exploration into novel areas, particularly those that have been under-researched, such as Relational Forest Therapy™.

By fostering collaboration between experts in different fields, this advisory board can drive the development of cutting-edge research initiatives. The advisory board serves as a catalyst for pushing the boundaries of research in forest therapy, ensuring that ANFT remains at the forefront of innovative advancements in Forest Therapy.

We are honored, humbled and extremely grateful that these renowned top experts in the field have agreed to support and guide us into pursuing always higher standards of excellency.

Science and Medical Research Advisory Board

Dr Qing Li

Dr, Qing Li (MD, PhD) graduated from Shanxi Medical University in China and got a PhD degree from Ka...

Dr Aleksandar Racz

Dr. Aleksandar Racz is a physician specializing in environmental health and health ecology, currentl...

Dr Susan Abookire

Susan Abookire, BSEE, MD, MPH, FACP, is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, a practici...

Tomohiko Sugishita

President and Director, Yakushima Onoaida Clinic, Kagoshima, Japan and Visiting Professor, Tokyo Wom...

Gisela Immich

Gisela Immich works as a scientist at the Chair of Public Health and Health Services Research at the...

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