Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Amanda Yik


Hong Kong

Amanda’s deep connection with nature has supported her through life’s many challenges, including multiple career transitions and critical illness. She felt called to be of service to the earth in 2006, but it took her many years and a windy path before encountering Forest Therapy, a practice that deeply resonated with her body, heart and soul.

Having trained as part of Cohort 18 in Australia, Amanda has been an ANFT Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide since 2017, when she founded Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong, through which she has offered more than 250 forest therapy and nature connection experiences, workshops and sharing, on- and off-line, to support busy urbanites on bodyful and soulful journeys of homecoming. She is particularly called to support people’s transformation and those facing major life transitions and chronic conditions.

Amanda loves working collaboratively with cross-sector partners, including companies, design and creative agencies, environmental and conservation organizations, the social service sector and educational institutions, both locally in Hong Kong and overseas.

As Forest Therapy gains more interest in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, Amanda is often invited to provide advice on local program and research design to foster greater understanding of the impact of being in nature on city dwellers’ health and wellbeing.

Having been a lawyer and sustainability consultant, Amanda sees Forest Therapy as a precious opportunity to spread the seeds of heart- and earth-based activism. Honored to be the first Asia-based ANFT Trainer and an award-winning guide, she is also an ANFT Certified Trail Consultant, an International Coach Federation Certified Professional Coach for Transformation, and a long-time yoga, mindfulness and tai chi practitioner.

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