Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Caitlin C. Williams


North Carolina, USA

Caitlin C. Williams is an independent researcher and theorist in the fields of ethnoecology, applied human ecology, biophilia and human development. Caitlin’s considerable skills as a tracker, naturalist and survivalist inform her understanding of human systems and developmental milestones. Her knowledge of human development and learning informs her analysis of the cultural systems surrounding an ecology and a community. Having spent more than twenty years teaching the practical aspects of wilderness survival, placed based ecology skills and environmental science in conventional and alternative educational settings, Caitlin brings a unique perspective to her work with organizations offering deep nature experiences, skills for development of an ecological self and tools for ecological restoration, social justice and local action.

Caitlin is also a trainer with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy’s Guide Certification Program, as well as a consultant and contributor to the RxOutside: Nature Led ™ Approach to child development. She holds many certifications including Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Wildlife Tracker and Permaculture Design. In addition, Caitlin continues to guide forest bathing walks and to teach bird language, wildlife tracking and wilderness survival skills locally, nationally and abroad and she occasionally applies her tracking and naturalist skills to scientific studies and conservation projects.

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